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Once the great City of Open Skies, the city has been greatly damaged by war and is controlled by occupying enemy forces. Ogres, Goblins, Orcs, Tieflings and others openly live here, taking by force what they desire from the people who remain. They are only held in check by the reputations and force of arms of the four “Dukes” who officially share control of the city. Food is expensive and in short supply. Travel is dangerous within and around the city unless one is under the protection of one of the Dukes.

How do the evil races get along in Mansfall?

Most of the dwarves are locked away in Hammerguard, dealing with their own societal issues. In Caledonia, most of the evil races are only racist towards the civilized races – Orcs respect strength and therefore Hobgoblins and Ogres are worthy. Humans and elves are soft and think they are so superior – let’s kill them all! There is, however, a great deal of self-imposed segregation: there are orc neighborhoods, goblins warrens and such where the territory is clearly marked and anyone wandering in had better be under the protection of one of the four Dukes and even that protection only goes so far. The Mercenary-Lord instills a certain amount of discipline in his troops (enforced by cruel and unusual punishments), so they work together. The High Priest of Nuul has his priests handling day to day affairs and anyone offending them is likely to wind up on a sacrificial alter. Duke Bloodfang is an Orc and he sees disobedience as a threat to his rule. Kaladar is feared as the evil among evils. He HAS eaten babies just cut from their mother’s womb…for breakfast.

Goblins’ Revenge

Once the large and prosperous Laketown, it too has fallen to enemy control. Run by a Goblin Mayor, the town is occupied by a large regiment of goblins but remains largely intact. The Mayor, Ladok Redear, has allowed the town’s council to remain in place. Over 2,000 people remain, living in fear but even more fearful to risk wandering in the wilderness to find a new home.


Previously known as Crab Claw Village, this place has been fenced in and holds over 1,000 slaves. The slaves are released in groups to farm, fish and craft goods. Slaves who fail to produce are eaten.

Avrille (the unnamed town on the map)

The people of Avrille have always been strange. By the time war came to Avrille it had already been lost. The town’s leaders quickly negotiated a favorable treaty and pay tribute to each of the Four Dukes of Mansfall. Only 200 enemy soldiers are quartered here and they mostly cooperate with the local rulers and guards. Avrille is commonly despised and its people called collaborators and traitors.

Dwarven Kingdom of Hummelgar (Hammerguard)

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