A Brief and Ancient History of Caledonia

In the beginning, the world was created by the Gods. Thus began the First Age of the World – called by learned folk the Age of the Gods.

Each God ruled over a portion of Caledonia, as is their wont, and all lands were as one. They walked the world as men do. They created many beautiful races, magical wonders, living delights for their own entertainment and all was well. Eons passed.

Then the Keeper of Secrets whispered in the ear of Nuul, who hated the living servants of the other gods. Keeper whispered the secret of destruction to Nuul, and battle began for the first time in Caledonia as god fought god, and their servants fought and suffered above all. Thus the Second Age of the World began, the Age of War.

Great and terrible desolation tore at the world. Dark things were brought into existence, great heroes fought and fell. Creation trembled. The greatest of all battles was fought and at the heart of this battle the Keeper whispered a secret to each god in turn, and they wept. A truce was called and the gods agreed to retreat from the world. Thus the Age of War ended in Sorrow.

Sol and his allies departed to the North, where they remain to this day beyond impassable mountains. Oblivon and Nuul traveled beyond the Southlands. The gods reshaped the world as they desired, cracking the land that was once one into many and the sea rushed in to fill the void.

Thus began the Third Age of the World – called the Blessed Age of Peace.

But the Gods still guide their chosen peoples and old grudges take much killing…

A Brief and Ancient History of Caledonia

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