Rage of Ruin

Our Story So Far...
This is what happened.

Our heroes found themselves CAPTURED, IMPRISONED, and CHAINED in pairs in what was clearly a jail cell in the basement of one of the watch towers in the city of Mansfall.

Working together quietly, they discovered a flaw in one of the bars, broke free, and escaped their cell. They overcame the drunken Hobgoblin jailer and confronted the five hobgoblin and two human members of the “watch” who blocked their escape.

Using some cunning and with a touch of help from Talek (who showed his disapproval of those who cooperate with the enemy by driving a knife into the throat of his human “comrade”) they escaped and fled north to the tree line. Talek was killed but the party was intact.

Hiding out for a few days while they recovered from their illness, the group decided to head Northwest to investigate an old tale about the lone elf who remained behind during The Bitter War and helped to defend a small village.

En route, they fought off a pack of enormous, non-stereotypical spiders and uncovered a cave. Outside the cave lie the bones of a giant. What lies within the cave of forbidden mystery? Find out Saturday!


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