Can heroes rise from offal and ash?

The Blessed Age of Peace ended harshly 480 years ago when the dark races overran man and his allies. Only the kindness of the Dwarves of Hummelgar guarded the hope that one day man would return to the sunlit surface world. One century ago, the descendants of the rulers of man took the name Bitterblade and reclaimed part of the surface world. A great city and several large towns grew and prospered until once more evil threw mankind into slavery and suffering.

The City of Open Skies is now ruled by brutal followers of four “Dukes” – Kaladar the Terrible; Bloodfang, the Fist of Oblivon; Vardamir the Mercenary-Lord; and Carrenth Starborn, High Priest of Nuul. The once proud city, named Open Skies for it represented the dream of man’s survivors come to pass, now brutalized, blood-stained and mockingly called “Mansfall”. Its people are little more than slaves.

What hope remains for mankind now? The Dwarves fear to leave their haven. Bereft of allies, and some say of the Gods’ blessings, how can any dare to challenge evil’s rule?

Rage of Ruin

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